Saturday, November 7, 2009

Upper Nebo Falls

(This picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.)

Betsy and I really enjoy visiting waterfalls. There is something very spiritual about a hike through the woods to find a waterfall. The sight and sound of running water is cleansing to mind and soul. It doesn't matter if the waterfall is big with a huge volume of water or small with only a trickle. It doesn't matter if we're seeing a waterfall for the first time or if we've been there before. We've visited Upper Nebo Falls several times and I'm sure we'll go back again the next time we visit Mount Nebo in Arkansas.


Hilda said...

"something very spiritual about a hike through the woods to find a waterfall"

I've never tried finding a waterfall, but I agree that walking through woods — or a meadow or a rock hill, for that matter — can be very spiritual. Perfect for meditating too.

And your falls, whether robust or just a trickle, are always beautiful!

Janie said...

Beautiful photo, and I agree with you on the spirituality of nature in general. We don't have nearly as many waterfalls here as you do in the east, but even the sound of a trickling stream is cleansing and uplifting to me.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This picture definitely needs to be enlarged,this show the water pouring over the top.Gorgeous.

Cheryl said...

Mother nature sure provides wonderful places for one to enjoy and savor.

rainfield61 said...

I have a dream on waterfalls last night. They are still very fresh in my mind now.

It should be reading too much of waterfalls from you. LOL.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful Waterfall. I like waterfalls too. They are magical and never cease to bring an 'ahhh' to my heart. Love your header too. MB

Carletta said...

I told a friend last week that I don't always have to have scripture for my faith moments. Sometimes it's a hawk soaring, a bird singing, water falling or dripping, a sunset, a sunrise - it all brings me closer to something bigger than me. :)
Lovely shot George!

You sure I can't send you a seed stealing squirrel or two? :)

mountain.mama said...

I always feel more spiritual out in nature than anywhere else. I love all your waterfall hikes and pictures.